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[NEWS] KU Researchers Develop High-Sensitivity Harmful Indoor Gas Sensors

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Lead author Professor Jeong Seong-Yong (left), Co-author Ph.D. student Moon Young Kook (right), Provided by KU.

By Jung Haine (

A research team led by Professor Jeong Seong-Yong of the Institute for High Technology Materials and Devices developed high-sensitivity gas sensor design technology that can detect harmful airborne indoor gases. Material specifically targeted by this technology are aromatic hydrocarbons, which has proven to be damaging to respiratory or neurological health, namely being a cause for Sick House or Building Syndrome. They can be found in ubiquitous places such as house furniture or paint, but detection has long been difficult due to the compounds existing in very small concentrations, along with other gases that hinder accurate detection. The study was published in the international scientific journal “Nature Communications” on January 25, 2023.

The new technology is also believed to have positive implications for the future. Professor Jung told KU that "managing indoor air quality is more important than anything, since people spend most of their time indoors,” further adding that “since the developed sensor design technology is universally applicable to other different sensors, we expect it to be applied in various fields in air quality monitoring, mobile healthcare, and food freshness management in the future to make human life more convenient.”
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