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[NEWS] Psychological Counseling in the Metaverse for International Students

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A group therapy session in the Healing Forest from the MetaForest platform. Provided by KU

By Lee Sang-jun (

Korea University (KU) has recently opened a metaverse platform known as MetaForest to give psychological counseling to international students. The platform is known for featuring different areas of counseling in the metaverse, including a camping spot, a serene forest, a one-to-one counseling area, and more. The system of anonymous counseling reduces psychological rejection between psychologists and clients.

Until recently, the College of Education   has been the primary operator of the platform, not allowing foreign students in KU to enjoy the service due to the nature that foreigners cannot be admitted or attend to the College of Education.   For that reason, Professor Lee Sang-min (Department of Education) has attempted to broaden the scope of users, starting with 15 foreign students who are recipients of government scholarships. Through this trial, KU aims to meet the increasing need for counseling among foreign students and plans to expand the service to every student regardless of nationality. In South Korea, KU is the first educational institution to offer its psychological services through the metaverse, igniting a change for other universities to do the same.

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