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[NEWS] 2023 KU Clubs Fair: Forest of “Dong-Bak”

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View of People’s Square during Clubs Fair. Photographed by Jung Haine

By Jung Haine (

From March 15 to 16, Korea University (KU)’s official 2023 Clubs Fair was held in People’s Square and the basketball court each day from 11:00 A.M. through 6:00 P.M. The fair was titled “Come and Play: Forest of Dong-bak” (abbreviation of Korean term for clubs fair) and was organized by KU’s 39th Club Association, *Irang.* The theme of the fair was a parody of the video game *Animal Crossing*, with visitors to booths being *animals* who landed on a foreign forest, and those in booths the natives of the land. The set-up of the booths, with their green tents, resembled forestry, while the ground was marked with animal footprint stickers.  

Over 70 clubs held promotional booths, with categorizations including “Society,” “Exhibition and Creation,” “Religion,” “Sports,” and “Academic Study.” For each booth visited, each student earned a mileage sticker on the passport-themed page of the brochure, to be later utilized in gift-drawing.

The People’s Square was vibrant throughout the two days, with thousands of students actively visiting booths and partaking in activities offered by the event. Students could also be found gathered around performances that simultaneously took place, with the street dance club *KUDT,* hip-hop music club *TERRA,* the KU Orchestra, and the singing club *Nore-eol* being amongst the performers.
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