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Global Media Insight Program at Blintn

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Blintn is a B2B Content Database that helps worldwide media companies connect through content and analytics data.
Based in South Korea, United States and China, our company cooperates with 1,300 users, who are media leaders, representatives from studios, TV networks, OTT streaming operators, sales and production companies from 50+ countries.
As we have co-organized and hosted various knowledge programs, such as Korea’s biggest conference, the Asian Leadership Conference, and have collaborated with the French Embassy and Unifrance, we created the Global Insight Program, which intends to grant students the possibility to gain invaluable insights and practical experience within the media industry. This is a chance to gain new professional knowledge and practical experience, and take a step closer to a dream career.

Who said building a career cannot be fun?

If you are interested in the media industry and looking for opportunities to understand the industry deeper with real-time insights into the media, read on!
Blintn is organizing the Global Insight Program for future media professionals. We are looking for a Media Research Analyst who is passionate about the media industry and follows up with the recent media trends and tendencies. The interest in the media and content industry is essential!

To learn more visit

* Conduct research on a domestic media environment and industry trends
* Produce evaluation reports and insights based on gathered data
* Fluent in English 
* Skills in Google Docs / Spreadsheets / Slides
* Strong Time management skills
* You don’t need any prior experience for this position, except for basic understanding and interest in the media industry
* Network with future media professionals from 40+ countries
* BlintnTalks: an opportunity for you to not only meet leaders in the industry, such as producers, scriptwriters, directors, et al., but also a chance to get up-to-date insights and improve and hone your own skills with their help
* Mentorship from our Blintn leaders to get helpful advice on career paths and professional development
* A chance to virtually join the biggest conference in South Korea, the Asian Leadership Conference
* Significant step into the careers of a producer, film director, content analyst, and more
* A certificate of completion of the Blintn Global Insight Program

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