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[NEWS] KU Students Heading to UC Schools

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UC Berkeley campus. Provided by The Daily Californian.

By Jung Anna (

Korea University (KU) has come to an agreement with the University of California (UC) System to arrange an exchange student program starting from the fall semester of 2022. Due to this agreement, up to 200 KU students can annually attend UC as an exchange student. Among the 10 schools within the UC System, there are top tier colleges including UC Berkeley and UCLA. Although attending these universities would normally cost more than $40,000 per semester, KU students will now have the opportunity to attend these classes and enjoy UC’s campus life while only paying KU's tuition fees.

From 1999 to 2005, KU had an agreement with the UC System involving the exchange student program. However, due to conflicting demands, the program had been cancelled until the recent agreement. According to KU News, KU had formed separate agreements with UCLA, UC Davis, and UC Santa Cruz previously,  however, there were many students expecting a wider breadth of opportunities. Assistant Director of International Cooperation at KU D'Arcy Drachenberg, mentioned that "due to enhanced international interest directed towards South Korea, many American students are preferring to visit Korea as an exchange student destination over other nations. Therefore, I believe this agreement will mark the start of more fruitful interaction in the future."

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