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[NEWS] NLP&AI Team Rewarded the Ministerial Award with the Idea of KoCheckGPT

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NLP&AI Research Team of KU. Provided by KU.

By Cho Hana (

The Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) presented the ministerial award to the research team from Professor Lim Hee Seok's NLP&AI lab, which consists of Kim Myeong Hoon, Lee Jung Seop, and Lee Seung Yoon. The ICT Challenge of 2023 was an idea competition conference with the theme of "The Challenge to the Digital Future." This was Korea University’s second consecutive award from the ITC Challenge, competing against 79 teams from 28 different colleges.  

Recently, many businesses have been setting policies to prevent the use of standard application programming interfaces (APIs) including ChatGPT in light of increasing information security risks. Despite these efforts, however, it was never easy to detect or stop the usage of these technologies. The technology that the NLP&AI research team developed, named "KoCheckGPT," which is tailored for the use of Korean, has made it possible to successfully prevent the leakage of sensitive information by detecting the use of APIs. The accuracy of this novel concept was 84 percent, which was significantly higher than the accuracy of the widely used model called GPTZero. According to Professor Lim, this technology will effectively increase a company's security and increase employee alertness.
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