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[NEWS] KU’s Freshman Welcome Kit Discontinued

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2023 Freshman Welcome Kit. Provided by Korea University’s Official Instagram. Photographed by KU student Jeong Jong-nak.

By Tran Ngoc Khanh An (

Korea University (KU) has decided to discontinue the Freshman Welcome Kit, which has been provided to the ‘20 to ‘23 cohorts, starting this spring semester. In the context of the sudden pandemic in 2021, KU hoped to spread out the value of "kodaedaum" (KU’s quintessence) to students by giving representative goods commonly used in distinctive offline events such as school cheering. As a result, cohorts 20’ and 21 were the first to receive the “Libertas, Justitia, Veristas Cheering Kit” in celebration of KU’s 116th anniversary. The decision to interrupt distributing the kit follows the resumption of face-to-face activity and the normalization of university life. Consequently, KU’s budget will now be primarily allocated for in-person school events and extracurricular activities.

The first version of the kit included the “April 18 Declaration”, in commemoration of the 61st anniversary of the 3,000 KU students’ historic movement against the contemporary dictatorial regime. The kit also consisted of a graduation stole, an embroidered patch of students’ respective department emblems, a portable bag hanger, a school badge, and a message card from the president of KU. Since 2022, the name has been changed to “Freshman Welcome Kit” with a modified item selection. Inside were a doll of KU’s tiger mascot "hoi", a mug, a portable charger, and tattoo stickers.  

Nguyen Huyen My (’21, Media and Communication) expressed her lament upon the conclusion of the 3-year tradition, stating “The welcome kit encapsulates the pride and excitement of becoming a part of KU in physical forms. I can vividly recall the time when my social media was filled with photos of the kit, shared by new students.”

“But attending in-person events, especially during the first years at KU, can help one deeply bond with their community and get great college life experiences. Such opportunities were inevitably limited during the pandemic,” My added. 
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