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[NEWS] Retired Professor Leads Collaborative Donation for KU Students

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A photo of the commemorative ceremony held at room 223 of the College of Liberal Arts. Provided by KU.

By Park Jaewon (

On January 19, 2023, Korea University (KU) hosted a commemorative ceremony redesignating room 223 of the College of Liberal Arts as the Kim Choon Mie lecture hall. The ceremony was held in honor of Professor Emeritus Kim Choon Mie (Department of Japanese Language and Literature) and twelve of her students who collectively donated 70 million KRW (Korean Won) to the school. The funds are to be dedicated towards constructing the new Humanities and Social Sciences Hall on the southwest end of the Liberal Arts and Humanities Campus. Professor Kim expressed her joy in “helping to create an environment befitting the top-quality education that our renowned College of Liberal Arts provides,” according to KU.

Professor Kim has been a KU professor for over 35 years, serving as the dean of her department and founding member of the Global Institute for Japanese Studies. Her most recent work of charity is reflective of her dedication towards teaching. “KU was more than just a career for [Professor Kim]; it was her whole life,” said Professor Yu Jae-jin (Department of Japanese Language and Literature). As a former student of Professor Kim and contributor to this donation, Professor Yu stated her resolve to “continue the legacy left by our honorable and beloved professor.”

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